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Flatonia Rotary Club Hosts Solar Energy Discussion

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2014-04-17 Flatonia, TX Live Oak Tree - Photo by Kaiba White

The biggest live oak tree I’ve every seen lives in on Doug Mach’s property in Flatonia, TX.

On April 17th, the Flatonia, TX Rotary Club gathered to learn about solar energy.  I’m not sure, but this was likely the first solar event ever held in this small central Texas town.  The focus of the presentation I gave was the solarize model, but I also offered plenty of basic information about solar.

I was invited to present to the group by Doug Mach, who turns out to be a relative by marriage, but I wasn’t sure how the rest of the group would react.  Would people think I was a crazy environmentalist?  Would they think I was trying to destroy their charming little town?

I was very pleasantly surprised.  The group of about 20 listened attentively and asked good questions.  At least one attendee was already thinking about getting solar panels installed at his home.

The City of Flatonia operates its own electric utility to serve residents who live within city limits.  Flatonia currently has no solar installations, so even if only one resident there decides to go solar this year, it will be historic.

The Flatonia Rotary Club also includes residents from outside city limits and they get their electricity from the Fayette Electric Cooperative, which serves a much larger area and does have a few customers with solar installations.

If you live in the Flatonia area and want to learn more about solar, please contact me at

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