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Gillespie County Residents Eager to Benefit From Solar

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When Public Citizen and Fredericksburg SHINES first started working together about a year ago, solar energy wasn’t being publicly discussed in Fredericksburg or surrounding Gillespie County.  That’s changing though and just this past weekend, the groups hosted another solar workshop at the Hill Country University Center in Fredericksburg, which attracted about 40 engaged and enthusiastic attendees.

The workshop offered basic information about solar and information on financing solar installations.  Attendees learned about the personal, community level and global benefits of using solar energy, and were provided with the basic information about how solar panels work, as well as how financing can be used to make going solar possible for more people.  Solar is already cheaper than retail electric rates, and therefore saves customers money over time, but not every family has the cash on hand to purchase a system outright.  That’s where financing for solar systems comes in and can make solar affordable for a many more people.

The workshop featured three very knowledgeable speakers from the Austin area:

    • Cathy Redson, President and Co-founder of SolPower People and Vice President of Sales at Longhorn Solar (see presentation)
    • Jason Ballard, President and Founder of Treehouse
    • Lloyd Lee, President and CEO of Native

    While this event wasn’t specifically about the Solarize Gillespie County effort, it did contribute to one of the core missions of any good solarize effort by providing a educational opportunity to the public. If there’s some aspect of solar that you’d like more information on, please let us know and we’ll try to get a forum or workshop set up in your area.

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